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holy shit


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Boss Battle by Dylan Burnett

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character design from school.

his head is based on an 8 shape.

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view from the hammock

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Carbon Dog gave off a rainbow of colors!!!

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man that’s dangerous

it aint… nice

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this game is an amalgam of terrible decisions but the music is so good 

how did this happen. why is the game so bad 

why did they french kiss with their gross donut lips in the intro 

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falke and i are watching a playthrough of this and im feeling emotions that have been buried deep inside this human husk for thousands of years

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Really Into Well-Rendered Ears

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whoa lots of reblogs lately…

i just moved and started a new school, and since i dont have a smartphone or anything, i just get lazy… ill try to pic some stuff but uhh… might be kinda quiet from me on here for a while? try my twitter if you want, might post more there

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1 skeleton = 1000000 skelegrams 

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